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Topsit for 30oz Skinny Tumblers

Topsit for 30oz Skinny Tumblers

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Transform your crafting experience with our TopsitTM Lid Topper for 30oz skinny tumblers! Specifically designed for branded tumblers from Hogg, Midwest Tumbers, and others with similar dimensions. Topsit is ideal for displaying your artistic masterpieces with flair. The possibilities are endless! Topsit comes with magnets preinstalled, as well as 1mm x 10mm discs to secure the lid in place. Just affix the discs to the lid and you have a removable topper. Specially designed to sit flush on the lid without removing the slider and extend to the lid's edges, providing more space for your creativity.

Product Dimensions
Outer Diameter: 80mm
Inner Diameter: 70mm

*Patent pending.


Tumblers and Lids not included

To achieve an accurate fit, make sure to measure your lid correctly.

Minor imperfections may be present on 3D printed items, but rest assured that these imperfections will not affect their functionality.

Processing times can be subject to variation depending on demand. In the event of anticipated delays, we will reach out to you.


  1. Affix the metal discs to the top of your lid so that they line up with the magnets on your Topsit.
  2. When you place your Topsit on the lid, you should feel the magnets "attach" to the metal discs.

Refunds are not available for products that have been 3D printed. If you have purchased a 3D printed product and need assistance, please submit a request for support.

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